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Savannah Morning News: Better education must start at early age (09/06/14)

September 6, 2014 | Posted by pfisher

The following letter to the editor appeared in The Savannah Morning News on Sept. 6:

Better education must start at early age

The Savannah Morning News editorial of Aug. 28 (“More options than SAA”) pointed out that one can succeed in gaining a good foundation in at least five other public Savannah high schools besides the Savannah Arts Academy to prepare for employment and excellent college opportunities.

Nevertheless, many children who have not had the opportunity afforded by the wealth, education and/or drive of their parents, expectedly do far less well — even before Grade 4.

Many will not graduate from any high school, nor lead the full lives of their magnet school or magnet course counterparts. They become problems for society.

It has been shown that good parenting education and excellent child care from birth until 3 years of age can do wonders for the children of poverty or other adverse childhood experiences. These children later perform near the same level of their “better-off” classmates.

To this end, the Savannah Early Childhood Foundation (SECF) is on the right path with a limited portion of preschoolers and their parents. We will not truly have Universal Public Education unless begun at birth — not kindergarten, or even Pre-K.

Improving child care and parenting education, like SECF, will be better for all Savannah children.