Are there any discounts available for visiting attractions in savannah georgia?

Admission covers more than 30 of the best tours, attractions and historic sites. Ray, Ray, Ray, if you come to Savannah and you don't go to the visitor center and you missed the way Ray told you the story, you really missed something very special. Explore one of its many avenues or unleash your inner painter. Either way, there are lots of fun things to do in Savannah.

The city's open container policy allows visitors to enjoy the sites while enjoying unique and delicious beverages. There are incredible views and lush greenery around every bend, and outdoor activities abound in Savannah. Savannah exudes a Southern charm that invites visitors to enjoy both its history and its vibrant culture. Get discounts on all types of walking and trolley tours, discover special offers on water sports and cruises, and save on spa treatments and many other activities that make a trip to Savannah truly amazing.

Founded in 1733, Savannah is full of historic monuments, unique neighborhoods, and Southern hospitality. The Savannah School of Art and Design brings an artistic and youthful atmosphere to the area, and its many museums and historic homes offer a variety of cultural experiences suitable for families. Savannah Scene provides a complete overview of what this city has to offer in terms of shopping, restaurants, activities and events.

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