Where can i find good historical sites in savannah georgia?

Bonaventure Cemetery, the perfect picture of Southern Gothic architecture and design, is one of Savannah's most frequented destinations. Some of Savannah's most interesting historic structures are found in the Fort Pulaski National Monument and Old Fort Jackson. You don't have to be a war buff to enjoy the impressive walls, moats and beautiful views of the river in these two historic fortifications, which survived several wars. Several of the city's original places of worship remain intact and are open to the public, such as the First African Baptist Church, one of the oldest black churches in the country, and the Mickve Israel Congregation, the third oldest Jewish synagogue in the country.

The First African Baptist Church was founded in 1773 and is said to have been the first organized by a black Baptist congregation. In addition, the first black Sunday school in North America was held in this church. Do you want an easy way to visit the Colonial Park Cemetery? The American Prohibition Museum is located in the market area of the city, which is also a neighborhood worth exploring in its own right and the ideal place to look for souvenirs to take home. Located at the top of the hill (and a few steep, old steps away) from the packed green squares, you can spend an afternoon strolling along historic River Street and enjoying views of the Savannah River and the harbor.

Many know this Savannah monument as the mansion that appears in Midnight in John Berendt's The Garden of Good and Evil. Ralph Mark Gilbert, the late leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and father of the Civil Rights Movement in Savannah, the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum is an excellent place to learn about African-American history in relation to Savannah. Located on the Savannah River, the historic fort protected the city during the War of 1812 and served as headquarters for the Savannah River defenses during the Civil War. The Bonaventure Cemetery, which became popular thanks to the book and film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, is a true jewel of the savannah.

The Wormsloe Plantation, a paradise of natural beauty and rich history, was founded in 1737 by Noble Jones, an Englishman and one of the first settlers of Georgia. Today, this historic Savannah building houses Solomon's Lodge, the oldest Masonic lodge in Georgia. However, the place is so eerily beautiful that I stop here on all my trips to Savannah. When General James Edward Oglethorpe founded Savannah in 1733, he brought with him 42 Jewish settlers who founded the Mickve Israel Congregation, the third oldest Jewish synagogue in the country.

While the city is full of historic wonders, there are a few things in particular that you simply have to see and experience. If you like this museum, be sure to also visit the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, another important museum in Savannah. You can also spend some time learning about the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, who was born in Savannah. Enjoying one of the city's classic drinks, the Chatham Artillery Punch, will allow you to literally immerse yourself in history.

In its later history, the First African Baptist Church served as the largest meeting place for blacks and whites to meet during the era of segregation. Some of these pre-war Savannah mansions were transformed into museums so that visitors could enter and explore. The Neo-Gothic style synagogue, the only one of its kind in the United States, continues to play an important role in Savannah's Jewish community. Fort Jackson is an important historic site in Savannah because it is the oldest standing brick fortification in the city.

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