What are the best bars and clubs in savannah georgia?

Results 1 - 30 of 41 · Bars: 26% of clubs in Savannah · 1.Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos Saloon · 3.Savannah's average summer temperature is around 91 degrees, but nowhere does the heat increase more than in the city's dance clubs. There's something for everyone in Savannah, from stylish, modern dance clubs with resident DJs, incredible cocktails, and stunningly beautiful customers to relaxed, local clubs where you'll check your attitude on the doorstep. For an experience that will cool you down even on Savannah's hottest nights, head to SubZero Bar, an arctic-themed dance club perfect for a night of uninhibited dancing. Dosha, a Broughton Street dance club with an eye-catching interior, is the perfect choice for those who want a nightclub experience in the big city.

Dance lovers who like to socialize and enjoy their rhythm will find a second home in the 51 Degrees Club and, relatively new, the Boiler Room. Those who want to have a good time will enjoy the cheesy but cool Crypt Pub, with its creepy-sounding cocktails, a DJ dressed in skeletons and a morbid motif. If you're looking for an unpretentious atmosphere, head to SEED Eco Lounge, an environmentally friendly bar that makes customers stand up. If country western music is your thing, you'll feel right at home at Saddle Bags Savannah, a place on River Street where you can learn to dance online.

And no night in the city of Savannah is complete without a visit to Club One, the bar that made Savannah's very own Lady Chablis famous, famous for her role in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Not only will you have fun with the club's quirky transvestite shows and cabaret performances, but you'll also have a great time moving and dancing on the dance floor. This lively bar, located on the west end of River Street, takes a page from the movie Coyote Ugly, with scantily clad waiters dancing on the top of the bar (and occasionally pouring water on themselves to achieve the full effect). The large two-story venue has six bars and two separate wings, one with melodies made by a DJ and the other with live bands.

While some of the most seductive dances take place at the bar, there is a lot of rhythm on the dance floor, which tends to fill up with people after 10 p.m. Club 309 West attracts a diverse audience thanks to its cheap drinks, the many nightly specials, the curious who enjoy the mermaids dancing in bars and people who just want to get down to business and have a good time. For those who want a night of dancing at full volume, there's no better club in Savannah than 51 Degrees. Each of the three floors of the dance club plays a different style of music, from hip-hop to Latin and electronic music.

One of the club's most popular areas is the third floor, which specializes in house, trance, electro, progressive, dub step, mashups and remixes among the 40 best, styles of music that are hard to find in sleepy Savannah. Not only is Club 51 Degrees at the cutting edge of music, but it's also a great place to meet up with other like-minded partiers and dance the night away. Head to Jazz'd Tapas Bar, in the historic Kress Building, for small plates, more than 25 types of martinis, and live jazz from Tuesday to Sunday. Other live music options include Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos, which offers late-night snacks, drinks, cheap beer, and four pianos that cater to all requests throughout the night.

For everything from monologues to live rock and punk and blues music, head to the neighborhood venue The Wormhole Bar %26 Live Music. The Fitzroy, in an old corner building, places its high-end bottles and blenders along an exposed brick wall. Dark walls, luxurious leather stools, wooden floors and turquoise stools complete the exclusive and well-designed environment. The stairs to the left lead to the roof terrace, where you can have a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Bar snacks include curried popcorn; you can also order something from the restaurant's menu, which includes dishes such as fried chicken schnitzel. However, the service helps make this place overdone. Despite its upscale atmosphere, it's still the kind of place where waiters know locals by name. The underground Peacock Lounge is cozy but eye-catching, with gold accessories, yellow velvet benches, and mirrors lining the wall.

The tight menu consists of homemade and classic cocktails and imported beers such as Lucky Buddha and Singha. The small space means that you'll receive personalized and warm service from the waiters. And while there's no food, you can take the stairs to Flock to the Wok, a Chinese restaurant that's one of our favorites in the city. With wall panels and retro Caribbean-inspired decor, the Lone Wolf Lounge feels like a step back in the 1970s.

Velvet curtains, palm tree-print wallpaper, and a large wooden bar feel a little everywhere in the best way. There's a well-thought-out wine list and some local beers, but you should go straight to the cocktails, which use high-end liquors and homemade blends; try a pina colada or, if you want a true tiki experience, Patient Zero. Although the Lady only shows up once or twice a month, there are plenty of other reasons to go to Club One. With an outdoor bar and open patio seating, Hop Atomica is designed to welcome local neighbors to come and share a drink.

With more than 500 liquors, this bar has one of the most impressive cocktail and liquor lists in Savannah and has some of the best mixologists in the city. Located in a historic house from 1897, Common Thread is a difficult reservation to come by; however, at the top of the stairs they sit on a first-come, first-served basis in the fully stocked, dimly lit bar. This old Savannah favorite, and one of the only dance clubs outside the city center, attracts a constant crowd of locals who like to mingle and dance on the always-crowded dance floor. From classic local dive bars that only accept cash, to high-end cocktail bars hidden under historic buildings and more than a few craft breweries, Savannah embraces cultures of all kinds of beverages (not to mention that its permissive open container law allows you to stroll through the historic district with a cocktail).

Dubbed Savannah's first ice bar, SubZero is one of the most recent additions to the Savannah dance club scene. It doesn't matter if you're a local or a tourist, gay or straight: Club One's dance floor makes all customers stand up for an unforgettable night of dancing, Savannah-style. If that's not enough to convince you that you've come out of the Savannah heat and joined the best dance club in town, check out the Snow Bunny cocktail waitresses and their scant white, furry outfits. The Savannah Music Festival, a multi-day, multi-venue event held in March and April with classical, jazz, bluegrass and indie musicians, such as Jeff Tweedy and the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society.


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