What street in savannah has all the bars?

There is an avenue on Congress Street, right next to the City Market, famous in Savannah for its pubs, bars and restaurants. Pinkie Masters, known to locals as Pinkies, is a Savannah legend. This old school cash-only bar has maintained its humble and quirky atmosphere all year round, including rotating neon PBR signs, multi-colored garlands of lights, and tasteless and tasteless decor. Although it is mostly frequented by neighbors and the community, there are no strangers once they enter the bar.

Canned beer is the most popular order here. Any analysis of LGBTQ nightlife in Savannah must, of course, begin with the famous One Jefferson Club of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. From elegant rooftop bars offering luxury cocktails to classic Irish pubs with cheap pints and eclectic speakeasies, Savannah has a watering hole for every type of drinker, budget and occasion. Savannah encompasses everything it has to offer, including its open container law, from classic local dive bars that only accept cash to high-end cocktail bars hidden under historic buildings.

For a glitzy party on Broughton Street, head to the Chive Sea Bar and Lounge, which offers a delicious menu with a high-end bar in a wonderful modernist space. From sprawling multi-story nightclubs to cabarets and dive bars, Savannah's nightclub scene offers something for everyone. The retro tiki bar craze has officially arrived in Savannah with Water Witch Tiki Bar in the Starland District area. With a flourishing bar scene, Savannah is a city that has increased its bar offerings in more ways than one.

Peregrin, the rooftop bar at the Perry Lane boutique hotel, was the first of the wave of rooftop bars that crowned Savannah hotels over the past decade and is arguably still the best. At the modernist Andaz Savannah hotel overlooking bustling Ellis Square, 22 Square is an ideal place to have an exclusive cocktail and meet interesting people from all over. Undoubtedly, the place in Savannah that comes closest to reproducing the atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub is the small and cozy O'Connell's, where they know how to serve themselves a Guinness, serve Magners cider on tap and the house specialty is “pickleback”, a shot of Jameson's followed by, yes, pickled brine. When the weather is nice, the outer walls open up to reveal a large wrap-around seating area with stunning views of the city center on one side and the Savannah River on the other.

Moon River Brewing Company offers a menu of craft beers in an old, bustling space that housed Savannah's first hotel in the days before the Civil War. The Savannah Music Festival, a multi-day, multi-venue event held in March and April with classical, jazz, bluegrass and indie musicians, such as Jeff Tweedy and the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society. The ability to walk legally through downtown streets with beer, wine, or a cocktail in hand definitely contributes to the overall joy of life. Other must-see festivals include the Savannah Jazz Festival in September and the Savannah Food %26 Wine Festival in November.

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