What music is popular in savannah ga?

The city, a melting pot of musical creativity, is home to the Savannah Philharmonic, the Coastal Jazz Association, the Savannah Folk Music Society, rock and punk bands such as Cusses and Crazy Bag Lady, and American bands such as Waits %26 Co. Savannah is a melting pot of history and culture, and no musical genre unifies such a diverse range of people as jazz. Greats like Louis Armstrong's mentor, Joe “King” Oliver, Jabbo Smith and many more, were nourished by the time they spent in Savannah. Live music fills many bars and clubs in Savannah.

For an elegant night out, head to The Mansion, in the Casimir's Lounge in Forsyth Park, for live jazz music on Friday nights and delicious handcrafted cocktails. For a more energetic scene, head to The Jinx, a local dive center where bands of all kinds give concerts every night. Places like the Lucas Theater and music festivals offer world-class live musical performances that will complete your getaway. Rub shoulders with design students from Savannah College of Art %26 while attending a swamp metal show or a burlesque performance at local dive bars Wormhole and The Jinx.

Anyone who has spent any time in Savannah knows how detailed and fascinating its story is. A visit to Ellis Square will bring you face to face with a cheerful statue of the beloved native son Johnny Mercer, the most famous name in Savannah music history. For all tastes, from jazz lovers to rock enthusiasts, these karaoke and live music venues in Savannah are sure to put on a great show. Mercer, born in 1909, was a lifelong music lover; he began performing in the Christ Church choir at age six and spent his adolescence wandering the streets of Savannah, looking for Louis Armstrong records and digging into the city's black churches to absorb magnetic gospel music.

Enjoy a plate of the special Saturday lunch at The Grey's and relax in the restaurant's outdoor space for live music and incredible Southern food on some weekends. Take a walk around Savannah to see the 22 park-like squares located in a grid throughout the city. Explore the squares and the famous River Street to discover parts of the city's musical history and enjoy Savannah's live music scene, especially during the city's festivals, when you can find bands in every club, outdoor stage and in many non-traditional locations. Visit the Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar to see how four talented pianists go head-to-head (with the keys, of course) to win the audience's affection.

Savannah, a charming coastal enclave covered in Spanish moss, is known for its rich history, magnificent architecture and unusual urban planning. Conceived as a concert for East Coast musicians who were on their way to play at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, in March, this modern festival is now a destination in its own right and features a delightfully eclectic roster of artists from the past: Grimes, Deerhunter, Scotty ATL, Ezra Furman and Mac DeMarco, to name a few. Follow musician Jared, a native of Savannah, as he takes you on a trip to his favorite places to listen to music in Savannah, such as The Mansion at Forsyth Park, The Jinx and The Grey Restaurant. This charming outdoor market has a wealth of things to do in Savannah, whether you're coming for entertainment, shopping, dining, or just resting your tired feet.

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