What should i do if i only have one day in savannah?

The perfect Savannah day itinerary Start your morning with a stroll through Forsyth Park, enjoy brunch in The Collins Quarter, head to Monterey Square, head to Calhoun Square, stroll down impressive Jones Street and visit the cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist. Are you ready to know where to go in Savannah in one day? Start with this comprehensive 1-day Savannah trip plan. Whether you want to take a day trip to Savannah, only have time for a 24-hour visit, or just want to enjoy an amazing first day in Georgia City, I have everything you need to know about Savannah's must-see sites, tours, and restaurants.

This one-day Savannah itinerary takes you on a whirlwind tour of Georgia's historic city center and the River Street districts. Full of historic homes, historic sites and old Southern charm, Savannah is full of history and is a great choice for a day trip to the American South. Today, a tour of the Owens-Thomas begins in the slave quarters before crossing an English-style garden to the big house. Winter temperatures are mild, generally around 60°F during the day and 40°F at night, so it's a good time to do activities that would be unpleasant in summer, such as hiking.

In fact, I think we would have followed our guide Joe around Savannah for the rest of the day if he had left us. This sightseeing harbor cruise by riverboat is the perfect activity to include in your one-day itinerary when you visit Savannah. Even with just one day in Savannah, Georgia, you can get an idea of the best things the city has to offer. This itinerary works just as well when combined with an overnight stay in the city (perhaps as part of a weekend getaway to Savannah) or as a day trip itinerary to Savannah.

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