What are the best festivals and events in savannah georgia?

Unleash your inner social butterfly and dance to music from different bands at Savannah Stopover. This fantastic event celebrates music for three days. It has more than 50 bands. Some are talents born in Savannah and others come from different cities in the country.

Some of the bands performing at this music festival include The Districts, The Nude Party, Omni, Unanalfabete Night, The Harmeleighs, Motherfolk, Honey Island Swamp Band and many others. Enjoy three days of music and alcohol on a vacation you'll never forget. Take a break from the routine and go on an unforgettable adventure at the Tybee Island Pirate Festival. This once-a-year event includes all the recipes for an unforgettable festival.

It is held on the sandy beaches of Tybee Island every year and offers a picturesque setting for attendees. Fantastic music is also present on the occasion, offered by local and international bands. You'll also witness a colourful pirate parade with flamboyant floats. Games and activities for the whole family are prepared for the participants.

Plus, there's an annual King and Queen coronation at the Tybee Island Pirate Festival that you can't miss. Enjoy a Labor Day celebration like no other at the Savannah Craft Brew Fest. This festival, which is held every year on Labor Day weekend, has been recurring for almost a decade. Led by Red Mountain Entertainment, this multi-day festival invites many breweries to display their specialty beers indoors and outdoors.

In addition to beer, craft cocktails are also offered at the festival. Bands are also present to provide entertainment. Make friends, let yourself be carried away by upbeat music and sample freshly introduced beers at the Savannah Craft Brew Fest. Countdown to the new year at the Up the Cup New Year's Eve celebration in Savannah River.

This busiest event is the urban version of New York's famous Times Square ball throw. The whole occasion is a magical night with picturesque views of the city's landscape and aquatic landscape, while guests flock to Rousakis Square with a drink in hand, ready to celebrate the New Year. Food, drink and live entertainment are present at the event and, when the clock strikes 12 o'clock, a dazzling fireworks show at midnight will light up the sky and offer attendees an impressive performance. Did you miss Savannah Stopover? Don't pout because you might be there in time for the Savannah Music Festival.

If you're a big music enthusiast, you're sure to have a lot of fun and unforgettable memories at the Savannah Music Festival. It's a multi-day event that will make you fall in love with the new music and let yourself be carried away by the melody of the old ones. Expect international artists, talented local presenters, new talent and thousands of visitors. Different musical genres will be played and there will be drinks and snacks to satisfy your thirst and appetite.

Every spring in Savannah you can hear the best musicians and singers in the world as they compete in the famous Savannah Music Festival. The Savannah Film Festival, a must-see event for movie addicts, is a popular festival in Savannah that highlights the creativity of the film industry. Outstanding directors, stars, producers, designers, makeup artists and others behind the lens are invited to the event to inspire talent. Get ready to experience and sample the best the South has to offer at the Savannah Food and Wine Festival.

During this festival, people who have made a major contribution to the city's jazz history are recognized in the Savannah Jazz Hall of Fame...

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