What are the best outdoor activities in savannah georgia?

It is known for its well-maintained parks, horse-drawn carriages and pre-war architecture. Its historic district is full of cobblestone squares and parks, such as Forsyth Park, shaded by oak trees covered with Spanish moss. In the center of this picturesque district is the emblematic Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, in a neo-Gothic style. Savannah asks its visitors to stay outdoors and soak up its natural beauty.

Stroll, run or bike through the picturesque cobblestone streets. See gardens and fountains and sit under the shade of trees in 22 historic squares that dot the city. Let someone else ride a trolleybus, horse-drawn carriage, or riverboat. Play at one of the area's professional golf courses or board a rental boat to spot dolphins or go fishing.

Relax on a sandy beach on Tybee Island and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. For a different perspective, canoe or kayak down a picturesque river, including Savannah, Ogeechee and Vernon, to enjoy the flora and fauna of salt marshes, barrier islands and swamps. Whatever pace you choose, you'll want to stay outdoors in Savannah. Learn about Savannah's rich history as you walk through the city's famous squares and stroll under huge trees covered in Spanish moss.

A visit to Oatland Island is primarily an outdoor experience, however, masks are required to enter some downtown areas. Get off the beaten path in Savannah to enjoy the true taste of the South, get exclusive access to restaurants before they open, avoid long waits and the truth. Stroll through historic Savannah as you walk under the imposing trees covered in dripping Spanish moss that line the city's famous squares. Savannah boat trips and dolphin cruises are a great way to travel through beautiful areas never seen on land, including vast marshes and pristine beaches.

Connect with a local photographer to capture your most memorable Savannah moments during this private photo session. Leave the hotel for a good time on this memorable tour of Savannah and try not to get too scared along the way. Embark on an interactive tour of Savannah and explore the city while following the suggestions on your smartphone to complete unique challenges. Leave that hotel and explore in style as you cruise on a segway, enjoying the sites and landmarks of historic Savannah.

Tybee Island is the ideal place to enjoy the beaches near Savannah, with miles of white sand and crashing waves. Enjoy more and spend less with the Savannah Tour Pass, which includes full admission to more than 30 of Savannah's top tours, attractions and historic sites. Hear spooky stories of murders and stop at the place where it happened on a true crime tour of Savannah. On Monday nights, Savannah River Queen and Georgia Queen are filled with the inspiring sounds of Southern gospel music during the two-hour gospel dinner.

While urban attractions capture most of the attention in Savannah, there are actually plenty of outdoor adventures nearby.

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