What street has the best shopping in savannah ga?

Broughton Street is one of the most popular shopping streets in downtown Savannah. Located in the historic district, just a few blocks from the river, this street has everything from modern jewelry stores and local markets to brand stores and art galleries. The Habersham Antiques Collectibles Market %26, located in Savannah's Thomas Square streetcar neighborhood, has an impressive selection of antiques, heritage items and collectibles from more than 70 retailers. Those looking to stock their closets with the latest styles will find plenty of options to choose from at Savannah's oldest mall.

Whether you like shopping or just strolling, Broughton Street, in downtown Savannah, has it all for visitors of all ages. The Savannah School of Art and Design has not only brought downtown Savannah to life, but it has also produced some of the most talented artists and designers in the country. But Savannah t-shirts and magnets aren't the only reason to visit the historic street with views of the Savannah River. Other great shopping options in Savannah include the 12 Oaks Shopping Center, the Habersham %26 Collectibles Antique Market, Wright Square, Oglethorpe Mall, Abercorn Walk, Abercorn Common and Habersham Village.

Once upon a time, Savannahs would head to Charleston or Atlanta if they wanted to do “real shopping.” From local art galleries to stylish clothing stores, there's a Savannah shopping experience for every taste. When you're done here, cross Congress Street, parallel to Broughton, and visit the new American Prohibition Museum in City Market. Between the free children's play area, the carousel ride and the train through the food court and the Build a Bear workshop, children will have enough to entertain themselves for hours. With more than 100 stores, several restaurants, a food court and a free children's play area, the Oglethorpe Shopping Center is Savannah's number one place for indoor shopping and dining.

Specialty stores include Twinkle, which offers fun fashion accessories, the Scents of Savannah perfumery, the Savannah Prose and Poetry bookstore, and Savannah Cigars. In addition to great shopping, City Market also has several places to have a light snack, a sweet treat or a hearty meal. The galleries (Friedman's Fine Arts and Liquid Sands Glass Gallery), the top-tier confectioneries (the Wright Square Café and the Cupcake Emporium) and the antique stores (Antiquities Antique Store and Wright Square Antique Mall) work together, along with other charming stores in the area, to create a first-class shopping experience for visitors. There's something for collectors (True Grits, a store specializing in Civil War artifacts), peanut lovers (The Peanut Shop of Savannah, a store that sells more than 50 varieties of hand-roasted peanuts) and book lovers (Books on Bay, a bookstore that sells thousands of books from the 18th century to the end of the 20th century).

If you want to buy some Savannah souvenirs during your visit, River Street is the ideal place to shop.

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