What are the best places to stay in savannah georgia?

Savannah's most touristic areas are River Street, Plant Riverside, Bay Street, City Market and Broughton Street. Savannah is home to quaint historic inns, grand luxury hotels, and everything in between. T+L readers praised the top-rated properties this year for their great location (within walking distance of many of the city's most famous sights), their beautiful design, their exclusive services (rooftop bars were favorites) and their fantastic service. In fact, the Peregrin rooftop bar, at the Perry Lane Hotel (No.

Mansion on Forsyth Park, which ranked third, was praised for its perfect location right in the popular park, and our No. These are the best hotels in Savannah, according to Travel+ Leisure readers, starting with this year's best hotel, the Alida. The Alida, a 173-room property in the Plant Riverside district, was chosen this year as the best hotel in Savannah by readers of T+L. While the charming southern city has a lot to offer visitors, this hotel is a destination in itself, with a whiskey bar, a saltwater pool with fire pits, cabanas and a pool bar serving ice cream and snacks; and an exclusive brunch served every day in Rhett.

T+L readers highlighted the hotel's incredible location, which is just steps from the Savannah River and within walking distance of some of the city's best restaurants, breweries and distilleries. And more than one reader praised Lost Square, the hotel's rooftop bar, which serves casual snacks and delicious cocktails with panoramic views of the picturesque city center and the river. In reality, many consider the neighborhood that borders the banks of the Savannah River to be the real pulse. There are a lot of restaurants on Broughton Street, and one of my favorite hotels in Savannah is also located there.

Ultimately, the city's very simple design means that there really isn't a “wrong” place to stay in Savannah. If you like Las Vegas, the Plant Riverside district is the closest thing to that environment you'll find in Savannah. I was considering it, but I've never been to Savannah before and will be staying alone for Christmas. I want to stay somewhere that is highly recommended.

It's also a fantastic area to stay if you're traveling with a large dog that needs enough space to run around. If you want to be a little fresher and bolder in Savannah, City Market is the ideal neighborhood to spend your time. If you still want to be in the historic center but far from the busiest areas, book your stay at Forsyth Park. Located on the Savannah River waterfront, Factors Row is home to the original Savannah Cotton Exchange, where cotton brokers set global cotton prices.

As you search for the best places to stay in Savannah, you'll find that hotel prices in the city are much cheaper than in other cities in the southeastern United States. River Street and Forsyth Park are also popular areas and have some of Savannah's top tourist attractions. This southern city has a lot to see, do, eat and drink and of course lots of great places to stay. With a total area of 103.1 square miles, Savannah is only slightly smaller than neighboring Atlanta.

If you've ever seen images of Savannah's beautiful giant oak trees or Victorian homes, you can find them in Forsyth Park.

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